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This is what you can find in my book:

50 Most Charged Crimes 

  Accessory After The Fact                          Assault                                                                                                                                                           
  Arson                                                       Bookmaking                                                                                                     

  Battery                                                     Burglary                                                                                           

  Bribery                                                     Child Abuse                                                                                                        

  Carjacking                                                Conspiracy                 

  Child Pornography                                   Criminal Mischief                                                                                            

  Counterfeiting                                          Dealing in Stolen Property                                                                                    

  Cruelty to Animals                                    Disorderly Conduct                                                                       

  Delivery of A Controlled Substance          DUI / DWI / DUBAL                                                                                 

  Drug Crimes                                              Fleeing or Eluding                                                                                  

  False Imprisonment                                  Gambling                                                                                  

  Forgery                                                     Identity Theft                                                                                                   
  Home Invasion Robbery                            Kidnapping                                                                                            

  Improper Exhibition of A Weapon             Lewdness                                                                                            

  Leaving the Scene of an Accident            Manslaughter                                                                                              

  Loitering and Prowling                              Murder                                                                                          

  Money Laundering                                    Perjury                                                                                                  

  Obstruction of Justice                                Possession of Drug Paraphernalia                                                                                                   

  Possession of A Controlled Substance       Reckless Driving                                                           

  Prostitution                                                Retail Theft                                                                                     

  Resisting an Officer with Violence             Robbery                                                                                             

  R.I.C.O.                                                     Stalking                                                                                               

  Sexual Battery (Rape)                               Trafficking In Illegal Drugs                                                                                                 

  Theft                                                         Vehicular Homicide                                                                      

  Trespassing                                               Witness Tampering            





The book will answer the following questions for you...and 123 more! 

Police Contact

  •   do I have to talk to the police?                                                            
  •   can I try to make a deal with the police?                                  
  •   can the police stop me on the street?                                      
  •   why is the cop talking to me?                                                  
  •   can I walk away from a police officer?                                      
  •   is it a crime to refuse to give information?                                
  •   can I refuse to give a cop my name?                                       
  •   do I have to tell them what I know?                                          
  •   am I obstructing justice by not answering?                               
  •   what should I do if I am being questioned?                              
  •   can I talk a cop into not arresting me?                                      
  •   is a rent-a-cop a real cop?                                                      
  •   should I open the door if the police knock?                             
  •   can I ask an undercover cop is he is a cop?                                 
  •   what if I run?       
  •   can the police lie to me?                                                              

  •   do I have to go to jail?                                                            
  •   can I get probation?                                                                
  •   what is administrative probation?                                             
  •   what is probation?                                                                  
  •   what is drug offender probation?                                             
  •   what is community control?                                                     
  •   what is sex offender probation?                                               
  •   who decides on the sentence?                                                           
  •   can I appeal a sentence?                                                        
  •   what are the sentencing guidelines?                                        
  •   are minimum mandatory sentences real?

According the U.S. Department of Justice:

  • -14,000,000 Americans were arrested last year
  • -30,000,000 Americans had contact with the police as ‘persons of interest’
  • -over 50,000,000 traffic citations were issued in the U.S. 


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