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 Ralph S. Behr, Esq.

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                             From the desk of   RALPH BEHR, ESQ.

                                            FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA


Dear Reader:


I am a practicing attorney specializing in criminal trials.  I’ve been a lawyer since 1976, and I’ve learned a few things I want to share with you…


Prosecutors exercise vast powers, too often, abusively.  They have almost unlimited tax money, the police, and a staff of investigators. The defendant, has only a limited amount of money, if any at all.   Without effective representation, you will be ground-up by the system.


To save himself, an accused person must rely on his lawyer. 


Thousands of people have gone to prison, although  innocent.  This was clearly demonstrated by law professor Brandon L. Garrett, whose systematic examination of a sample of 200 cases concluded that innocent persons served an average of 12 years in prison.


If you, or someone close to you, is the subject of a police investigation, or is being prosecuted, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. 


Your freedom and liberty can be gained, or lost, based on the experience and effectiveness of your lawyer.  


This book is not a substitute for a lawyer, nor should it be relied upon in making legal decisions. Only a licensed attorney can advise and represent you.


Ralph S. Behr, Esq.



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